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What can we do for you?
How about a Home Theatre? 
A home theatre is exactly that. You can bring the dynamic sights and sounds of the multiplex theatre into your own home with the added comfort and amenities that you choose. Eliminate the lines, crowds, sticky floors, uncomfortable seats, expensive snacks, and noisy people in a public theatre. Control your own surroundings. Always put yourself in the "best seat in the house." Experience only what the director intended, from the subtle sounds of silence to the explosive action sequences, in your very own Home Theatre. 
Enjoy Whole House Audio! 
From the busy work of a typical day to entertaining a house full of people, music throughout your home can ease the transition. Whether you enjoy subtle background music or want to "rock the house" a whole house audio system can be flexible to suit your preferences from one extreme to the other or anywhere in between. The same system can be used to broadcast "the game" throughout your house and even out to the pool. 
What is Audio/Video Distribution? 
This component adds the flexibility of watching what you want from where you want. Change the channel and keep an eye on the kids playing in the backyard, or see who is at the door when the doorbell rings. 
Everyone should have intercom & Paging Systems! 
Make communication through out your house a breeze with room to room communication. Send out the call, "time for dinner!" with the simple push of a button.  Broadcast your message throughout the whole house or just to one room. Security is important; you can view a stranger at the front door from a display or monitor in the house with face to face contact. Keeping your distance may help to keep you safe. 
What are Integrated Control Systems?
Have complete control of all your components in the system from any location in your home. Select your favorite tracks from your music server, watch TV or DVD’s, all from a LCD touchscreen. 
Computer Networking is easy!
Share the internet, files, printers, music, email, and play games with each other from any computer in the house. Network each of your computers and components to make your schedules and lives more efficient. 
Get the latest and best Digital Satellite Systems!
View the most recent movies, sports, and other favorite programming with the latest in digital technology. You will spend less time at the video store with simple to order pay-per-view movies and special events all from the touch of a button on your remote control. Everyone in your family can enjoy the clarity of HDTV with a Digital Satellite System. 
Custom made Component Furniture & Rack Systems.
Prominently display your equipment for all to see, or discretely blend it into your existing décor. Custom design and constructed shapes, colors, and styles are available to suit any decorating style. We work with you to meet your specific needs. Follow this link stewartremodelbuild.com  

Looking for the ultimate in HDTV channels and more?  

Check out AT&T U-verse and HomeZone here:
Focus Sight & Sound is an affiliate distributor for  AT&T U-Verse, HomeZone & more!  Wrap up all of your home audio and visual services into one bundle with one bill! 

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